Monday, March 05, 2007

Three days in Buenos Aires

No photos, I'm afraid, but just a few words to describe my last three days here. I do love this city and feel quite at home being back in "my" neighborhood, which is the area off of the Plaza San Martin and near avenida Cordoba. I noticed there was even the same prostitute as three weeks ago standing on the corner of San Martin and Cordoba last night about 8 PM! (she's the only one I've noticed so far around here, but there are still the same kids picking up papers and a few sleeping in the street, under the back awning of a 4-star hotel). Yesterday, Sunday, I collected my large suitcase from the hostel I stayed at my first few nights in BA a few weeks ago and then visited the Museo of Bellas Artes. In the afternoon, I was invited for tea by my new French friend, Laurence, who lives in San Telmo. This gave me the opportunity to visit the San Telmo neighborhood, which is very lively on Sundays because there's a flea market and also tango demonstrations in the street. I also visited two local museums there--one a former Jesuit monastery, the other a former women's prison. Tea with Laurence was very pleasant. She and her children live in an airy but cozy apartment, and it was fun talking to her daughter about returning to school today. (Yes, it's the end of summer and the beginning of class for Argentine children.). Today, I went out to a delta into which several rivers flow, near a town called Tigre, with my Peruvian friend, Ana. We took the train out there, had lunch, and went for an hour and a half boat trip. Tonight I'm going to see the tango dancing at the Cafe Tortoni, and tomorrow it'll be a day excursion to an "estancia" (gaucho farmhouse) in the pampa where there's going to be --I've heard-- a fantastic barbecue. Then Wednesday, I fly down to El Calafate (Patagonia), where I'll spend 4 nights. Hope to see the Moreno Glacier, etc.
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At March 06, 2007 11:58 AM, Anonymous B. Vincent said...

Hello, grande voyageuse!

Just back from La Reunion which, while we were there, was partly devastated by an incredible cyclone.

Roads and bridges broken. One beach has disappeared! Local people believe the sea will bring it back.

Voilà. Enjoy your quiet trip, ma chère.




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