Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What a weekend! On Saturday afternoon, I went out of town to La Gruta, where I swam in thermal hot springs! (My family drove me there and I took the bus back). Then yesterday, I took the bus to and from Guanajuato, a lovely colonial town an hour away from San Miguel. Here I am on top of the hillside looking out over the town. I spent 6 hours there and visited 5 museums, the university, the Juarez theater and the basilica. What were the museums? The Alhondiga (or former granary and later a prison), where there are famous murals by local artist Jose Chavez Morado and monuments to the heroes of Mexican independence. Also the City Museum, where there was a great exhibit of miniatures, as well as paintaings and murals by Morado. A museum of mummies (grusome!). A museum devoted entirely to depictions of Don Quixote. And finally, the house and birthplace of Diego Rivera. All this, PLUS a ride up on a funicular to the top of the mountainside. Then, in the evening, some friends and I listened to an outdoor concert and watched fireworks in front of the Parroquia church in San Miguel. These were in honor of the 238th birthday of Ignacio de Allende, a hero of the Mexican revolution.


At January 25, 2007 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nihao Hilary,

Seems you have a fantastic time!!


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