Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hello from El Chalten

I feel like I'm in the Yukon 100 years ago! This town has dusty roads, one level wooden huts, corrogated roofs, and the most beautiful, snow-covered peaks towering above it. El Chalten is in Patagonia, about a four-hour drive from better-known El Calafate, which I flew into yesterday from Buenos Aires. Today, I went for a 4-hour hike up to see close-up Mount Fitzroy and i can't wait to show you some of the photos I took. (Unfortunately, Internet up here is by satellite, and my blog address works very slowly. It's also very expensive.). This area is amazing. Desert, then blue-ice colored streams and fantastic peaks and glaciers. Lots of backpackers and hikers here from all over the world. It's the end of the season, as come the end of March, it gets very cold and will start snowing. But today it was warm and sunny and I put on lots of suncream because of the ozone level. Will write again soon.


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