Friday, December 29, 2006

Hello from Mexico City! I've just arrived at the Hotel Cortes across from Park Alameda. My friend Betty from Chicago only arrives this evening, so I thought I'd post some photos of yesterday's trip with my father down the coast to LAX and then my first views of Mexico City from the plane. However, this computer doesn't seem to want to accept my photos anymore, so that will have to wait!

Yesterday, Dad picked me up at my hotel and we drove to Venice for lunch. Beautiful sky and surf! After a short night, I left my motel at LAX this morning at 5 a.m. No hitches on the flight to Mexico City. Busy airport here but I found an "authorized" taxi without a hitch and got to my hotel quite quickly. Already speaking Spanish. I understand a lot but have trouble expressing myself. Hopefully, after five weeks here (a week in Mexico City and a month in San Miguel de Allende), I'll be speaking it more fluently.

It's 22 degrees C. here, sunny with a much less-polluted sky than I was expecting. Mexico City is surrounded by mountains and I could see them clearly from the plane. But my taxi driver told me the city has a population of 28 million! Ye gads!

I'm leaving my hotel now to walk over to the main square, or the "Zocola". !Hasta pronto!


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