Friday, November 03, 2006

Greetings from the Seoul Airport

This airport is so great --free Internet and coffee for everyone in the transfer lounge; comfortable chairs to sit on; helpful people who speak English. After spending a few hours here, you really have the impression Korea must be a country that "works"!

I'm not saying China doesn't "work"...It's just fatiguing. This morning at the Beijing Airport, for example. The lines were interminable and poorly formed to go through customs, immigration, etc. The personnel and vendors were quite disagreeable, and there weren't enough seats to sit down. Makes you wonder what they're going to do in 2008 when the hordes of tourists arrive for the Olympics...

Korean Airlines is also very good. As part of my free ticket with KLM/Air France, I have to use Skyteam partners, hence the reason for my stopover in Seoul. As it turns out, it's only for 3 and a half hours, not six as I previously wrote, so I've enjoyed using the Internet and catching up on things.

In fact, it's sort of nice being in an environment again that is systematically clean and hygenic--with Western style toilets! I was sick to my stomach again during the night. In fact, the food on the flight from Beijing was the first thing I've been able to eat in the last few days.

Well, I'm off to the gate for my flight to L.A.

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