Sunday, January 14, 2007

This is me in the street after the "House Tour" which I took today. It's organized by the Biblioteca and is run by volunteers. Various local residents (mostly Americans) agree to have their homes shown to some 150+ people every week--all this to support local Mexican charities. The homes were indeed beautiful--most of them looking like something out of "House and Garden". In typical American fashion, we were told the price of one of the homes: $2.5million. It's owned by some Texans, who are selling it to build another home here in San Miguel. I've been told that because of all these wealthy North American "snow birds", San Miguel is the richest city in all of Mexico! A good sociological study could be done here. A book I was told about is "Living in San Miguel on Social Security". Apparently, this used to be possible, but prices are rising quickly and it's not as easy these days. This morning I also attended the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. It seems like a nice, socially-responsbile group, but I was the youngest person in the room! The talk was given by a woman who spoke about growing up in the Bronx during the 1930's. Later this afternoon I'm going to a party hosted by a couple from San Francisco who live down here part of the year. I was given their name by Diane, my new friend in SF who took me to the writers' party in November. Tomorrow, it's back to school and to speaking Spanish! As in Paris, it could be very easy to live here all the time and not speak a word of the local language! And this is obviously NOT why I chose to come here.


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