Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"I left my heart in San Francisco..."

Remember this song? Like Frank Sinatra (or whoever it was), I get goose bumps everytime I come back to this lovely city on the Bay. And the view from my friend Jane's apartment is extraordinary. I can see the Bay, the Bay Bridge, the ferry boats, and a bit of Alcatras. I'm going to be spending quite a lot of time here, I think, just sitting on the balcony and gazing out...It's lovely...

That shuttle bus from Los Angeles to San Francisco went very well. It's run by a Japanese-American who's got a very clever little business going there. I told him I'd write the Lonely Planet about it! As we drove, I took a few photos (the Central Valley and its almond trees, cotton fields, etc., which I hope to post, once I can get ahold of a computer that will upload my photos.

Yes, I'm now at a public library using a computer. One of my occupations today will be to try and find one to rent for the apartment. There's WIFI there so I'll be all set if I can find one. I didn't want to bring mine with me, as it would have been risky in Vietnam and China.

Thanks to you all for your comments. Sorry Gary, about the misnommer of your field of research and expertise.

Please do let me hear from you--especially those who can call for free via your DSL server. My phone number in San Francisco is (1) 415-563-5393


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